Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just a few pictures...

cooking traditional Tanzanian food with Abdullah's wife, Fatima. do you like my green kanga?

I gave tootsie rolls to some small children who were watching me talk to Peter. I tried to show this boy how to open the wrapper but when I went to put the candy in his hand he pointed to his mouth. I hope he enjoyed it!

having lunch with Daniel's family on Sunday afternoon. That's his son on his wife's back, and next to her is his sister.

some of the huge boulders in Mwanza. see the tiny person standing on the right?

here I am with Samson from KCMC showing our test user, Peter, how to use our folding prototype.

here I am with Joseph by Lake Victoria (this is where we got to eat breakfast in the morning!)


Trevor said...

Tish! I just found out about this through the MIT web site, and I wanted to tell you that you're awesome. That's all. Have a blast in Africa, I'll see you on campus when you get back!

Kelvin said...

Hi,Tish.Am Kelvin from Tanzania.My dreams are to join MIT.How did u make it?

Kelvin said...

which course were u taking at MIT?I think you have completed it