Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You asked for it...

here I am at daniel's house with his adorable little son!

I can't remember why I have my head tilted at such an odd angle here, but I'm pretty sure I was checking to see if the tray was situated at the correct angle. at least that seems like a reasonable explanation for why I look like that!

here I am with Mr. Mangoes in Zanzibar! he really did have the tastiest mangoes.

here is Mr. Lucas working on one of the special children's wheelchairs.

Agnes and I making burgers and hot dogs on the fourth of july. note her festive clothing!

here I am on the dive boat in Zanzibar with my divemaster and official buddy, Mbwana

doing a stability test on Daniel's wheelchair.. and having a little fun!

Joseph and I at lunch one weekend afternoon.

our MIT sand castle! I swear the picture doesn't do justice to all the hardwork and sweat we poured into that.


JKM said...

Pictures YAY!!!! I am so excited!

JKM said...

Pictures YAY!!!! I am so excited!

Judd Levingston said...

I love the pictures, Tish. You're doing amazing work there - I wonder what American wheelchairs look like next to the ones you're working on. Do they seem pretty limited or do you think any of the American wheelchairs are ready for the bush? We all send much love from Philadelphia.

Michelle said...

I agree with jkm - pictures YAY!! Your writing is always great and engaging but there's nothing like seeing you in the field! More!!

Kelly said...

Tish Wow! It looks like you're having a great time and doing good things (are we surprised? NOT!) We miss you here in Waccabuc, but look forward to more pics and interesting words. They are lucky to have you, but I suppose they've figured that out by now. Matt will tell you, you're not missing much here. Perhaps a bandaided knee, but I suppose someone else can handle that while you saive the world one wheelchair at a time! We are proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Dad said...

Tish - Judd's Dad and Mom here - Judd emailed your site to us.  From one MIT alum (and an "honorary alum" by marriage) to another (you know that having completed one year you are now also, an official alum!), your Blog is fantastic.  We have nothing but admiration for you and your venture; we have always been in favor of travel and living in other countries.  I, Ellie, did the summer grand tour between my junior and senior years, but it pales compared with your exotic two months, while I, Howard, wish I could have done it at all when I was an undergrad.  You're obviously doing wonderful things and enjoying it - a great combination!  -

Love, Howard & Ellie

shp said...

Hi, Tish!!
Wow!! I love your blog and am in awe of you even more than I always have been...I was with relatives this past weekend including Tomm's cousin (the one we spent Thanksgiving with in Michigan...), Liz, a rising sophomore at Yale who is spending the summer researching something beyond me but not beyond you having to do with motion (working with the Segway creator, I think). I just sent Liz the link to your blog. I hope she contacts you, but if she's shy, email me or your mom and I will send you her email - I can't believe I know two young women who are making a difference in the world in the field of science. This is so inspiring!!!! XOXOXO, Susan